Some milestones of our history
2012 Patent awarded on High Temperature Diaphragm Seals to measure process temperatures up to 550°C
2011 We launch BaseCal as the first web-based performance calculation tool for diaphragm seal applications
2009 Badotherm Far East (Thailand) qualifies for ISO 9001:2008 (TUV SUD Asia Pacific Ltd.)
2008 Badotherm India qualifies for ISO 9001:2000 (ABS Quality Evaluations)
2007 Third generation Mr Robert Bastiaan joins Badotherm full-time. Badotherm celebrates the 50 year anniversary
2005 Founding of Badotherm Far East partnering with the family Kala and will operate as the hub for the ASEAN countries from Bangkok, Thailand. Founding of Badotherm Middle East partnering with the family Anand. Badotherm regional centre to service and support the countries in the Middle East, located in Dubai, UAE
2004 Invention of a new diaphragm seal for pressure starting 10 mbar with extreme low temperature error. Mr Niek Bastiaan withdraws from the operations
2003 The first diaphragm seal with all wetted parts made from Silver, the flange is plated and the diaphragm of solid material fixed with metallic bounding
2002 Third generation Mr Patrick Bastiaan joins Badotherm full-time and is stationed in Romania. Badotherm Holland manufacturers as first a stainless steel diaphragm seals with a Titanium cladding from 10 mm with a Titanium diaphragm for high pressure up to 350 bar at the maximum temperature
2001 Badotherm developed BAsecal a seal calculation program to allow the client to select the right transmitter and best possible solution for the chemical seal that fits the needs of the application
2000 Founding of Badotherm India Ltd with the family Anand. Service facility for assembly of diaphragm seals starts. Badotherm Holland is able as first in the world to manufacture a diaphragm seal with all wetted parts of Inconel 686
1999 Badotherm-AMC Romania received ISO 9001 certificate, approved by TÜV
1996 Badotherm invents the leakage detection system for chemical seals, based upon liquid conductivity and makes an early warning possible in case off diaphragm breaks
1994 Response time upgrading. A new temperature compensator is designed to avoid long response times at process temperatures up to 400° C
1992 Badotherm Holland receives ISO 9002 certificate from Lloyd’s register and has been ISO certified ever since. The first gold plated chemical seal in the world with a thickness 40 mµ specially engineered for Shell Pernis Hycom for hydrogen applications up to 400 ˚C.
1990 Badotherm Holland expands new offices at Planckstraat
1983 Badotherm expands production for gauges and adds new product lines to the range
1980 Establishing Badotherm UK; first step of the global network
1979 First full automatic welding machine put in production
1978 Foundation of Romanian factory under the name “Intreprinderea de Aparate de Masure si Control - AMC”, later to become Badotherm-AMC
1977 Moving to again larger premises. Mr P.B. Bastiaan lays the foundation stone on the June 24th 1977 for the new building at the Kelvinstraat 13 in Dordrecht. This is still the headquarters of Badotherm. this year also the founder Mr Pieter Bastiaan retires
1971 Production of the first chemical seals for tar and asphalt
1970 In 1970 it became necessary for the first time to move the operation to larger premises. Also production of first stainless steel bimetallic thermometers
1969 Youngest son, Mr Peter Bastiaan joins Badotherm
1967 Production of first stainless steel pressure gauges
1966 First son, Mr Niek Bastiaan joins Badotherm
1960 Start of production of pressure gauges
1957 Founding of Badotherm in Dordrecht, the Netherlands by Mr P.B. Bastiaan, as a production and repair shop for pressure gauges and thermometers. In 1959 the name Badotherm was official introduced
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