Product description

Two Valve Manifolds

Badotherm two valve block and bleed manifolds can be used for isolation, bleeding, calibration and testing of pressure instruments. All different configurations are possible to have the best access to the operating valves. All Badotherm manifolds are standard stainless steel and optional available in exotic materials, such as Alloy C276 and Alloy 400. This manifold has a non-rotatable conical tip to ensure perfect alignment. Badotherm manifolds are manufactured within the European Union.

Model types:
Block and Bleed square model M924
Block and Bleed flat model BDTM923
Block and Bleed L-shaped with 15° vent valve BDTM921
Block and Bleed L-shaped BDTM922
Block and Bleed direct mount IEC 61518-B BDTM925
Double Block and Bleed BDTM937

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